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| Inches Carr Award |


We are delighted to share the news that we have been very fortunate to be the recipients of the Visual Art Scotland 2019 Inches Carr Trust mentoring Award 2019 .

The award is to encourage and mentor mid career makers to develop their practice to a higher level, consider innovation and introduce new materials and techniques into their existing professional practice.

Following on from our involvement with |SHIFT| a design project between Scottish and Icelandic based makers and the success of the experimental | REYKJAVIK | surface light , shown above and below this collaborative work with highland based CERAMICIST Julia Smith gave us the thirst to look into the exploration of a new material , Parian .

Parian is a notoriously challenging material, tactile in nature , almost MIMICKING marble in its finish and opaqueness, offering a subtle translucency with the introduction of light.

We have selected the Parian specialist Myer Halliday to mentor the Yellow Broom journey, Myers own clean and minimal aesthetic and his vast knowledge and expertise of the material make him our perfect choice of maker.

| Reykjavik |

| Reykjavik |

Clare Waddle